Becoming a Refugee

Refugees face so many challenges! This article may open your heart and eyes to a new way to pray for them and consider their plight.

Where do many new refugees and their children find a home?

Greece is the main eastern gate to Europe for refugees. Greece has been a home for tens of thousands of refugees since the war in the Middle East. Refugees come to Greece through Turkey by land or by sea. Refugees come from all over the world: Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yaman, Morocco, Algeria, Sudan, Egypt, Congo, Somalia, Ethiopia, Senegal, and more. Most people use Greece as a transit until they approach more stable European countries like Germany, Sweden, France, or Switzerland.

The average waiting time for refugees in Greece is between 1 to 2 years until their asylum cases are approved or rejected. Some people get stuck there for years while others find smugglers to take them through the border to Albania or Bosnia targeting Austria or Germany.

New Refugee Children
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What I have observed about New Refugees?

My observation (and I believe it is also a common observation by many other workers who serve Muslims in Europe) is that refugees in Greece, or any entry point country to Europe, are very open to listening and learning about Christianity. Many are curious or even seeking believers to answer their questions about Christianity or teach them about Jesus. Everyone’s motive is different. Some of them are genuinely seeking the truth, especially after being attacked by other Muslims back home. Others may need help with money, food, rent, or even to get a baptism certificate which may help them with immigration.

Regardless of the motive, the harvest is great, and we have seen Jesus change lives and hundreds of Muslims faithfully begin to follow Christ. Although refugees are very open to listening and learning the Gospel while waiting for their immigration papers in Greece or another entry country, it is tough to reach out to them when they reach their destinations. Once they reach one of the stable/rich European countries, they get very busy with work and very hard to find them interested or available to talk or meet.

New Refugees Split into Two Groups

Moreover, Muslim refugees settled in rich countries split into two groups. One is a group that has realized the reality of Islam. They give up religion and become atheists. They refuse to talk about any religion.

Another group, the larger one, are Muslims trying to protect their identity as Muslims and conservative Eastern culture by becoming very religious Muslims. Even if they never practiced Islam back home, they intend to become strong Muslims and become isolated from the “infidel” liberal society. This group of Muslims is easy victims of fanatic Muslims who live in a large number in every European country. Accordingly, those vulnerable Muslims become good candidates to be recruited by terrorist groups who lead mosques across Europe.

How I have helped New Refugees and their children Learn About Christianity

My vision is to invest in the second generation of refugees, the Muslim children, and plant seeds of Jesus’ love into their hearts. I do believe that sooner or later, those seeds will bear fruits. God has shown me many who have followed Jesus because a believer planted a seed while they were little. I have been praying about this program for Muslim children. I was not sure where I would find a Muslim family who would allow me to teach their children about Jesus and the Trinity. All of these Christian terms/concepts are considered infidelity in the eyes of any Muslim.

Yet, by the grace of God, Muslim kids have been attending Sunday school classes for several months. Children wait for the next class and invite other Muslim kids to join them. They ask for Bible verses to memorize and learn how to pray differently from what they have learned in Islam. Children and their parents are getting baptized. New families have been joining, and new children are attending.

I have been praying to find a good curriculum that I can modify to fit this particular group. However, I could not find any existing programs that match kids coming from this false teaching and still have this bloody image of God.

By God’s grace, I started developing a whole new curriculum with three courses of Christian education. Also, the program includes activities related to childhood development with critical thinking, problem-solving, attention, and social skills.

What can you do to help the New Refugees and their children?

I ask that you join me in prayer for those kids and their parents. Most of the new believers are prosecuted, even in Europe, and threatened by their Muslim families or Muslim neighbors by killing or kidnapping their kids. Please pray that God helps me develop this program and take it to all countries that receive refugees and to find volunteers to help.

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