Ministering to New Refugees

Have you been looking for ways to help new refugees who are nearby? Please read these practical examples as a place to start.

How did we connect with Afghan Refugees?

As ministers to our area’s Arabic and Muslim communities, we recently connected with Afghan families who had just moved to Raleigh, NC, a few weeks ago. When the Afghanistan crisis started, and the Taliban took over the country, those families fled to the airport. They knew that they were in great danger because they were police officers, some worked with the government, and others helped the U.S Army. Additionally, some were just educated women or kids whose lives the Taliban would threaten.

Rania Messiah - Help New Refugees

Some families and women traveled through different countries until they got here. At the same time, others came straight from Afghanistan but stayed in camps for a few months until they were allowed to enter. They told us some tragedies about their trip and how some of them got separated from their kids or parents who are still in Afghanistan suffering.

We received them as a family and ministry team in our Bible study and prayer meeting.

How we help these new refugees

By the grace of God, we were able to get them clothing and household items from church members and a thrift store. They were very grateful as they came without winter clothing and lost their luggage on the way. We also organized dinner for them at church and shared the love of Christ. We took 5 of them to a Christian recruiting agency that could find suitable jobs even though most do not speak English.

There are eight families in the same neighborhood. We are helping four of them and looking for help for the rest soon. The numbers are overwhelming to refugee organizations as more people will be coming soon. That is why we as individuals and churches should step in. There will be a need for more clothing, blankets, kitchen items, computers, and transportation. As for now, none of them have a car or license.

The more we visit new families, the more we will learn about their needs.

How can you help new refugees?

Please pray for them and us as we serve them. Also, please pray for more ministry partners!

Author Bio

Rania Messiah and her husband are originally from Egypt. They moved to the United States 10 years ago. They work as ministers with Navigators in the RDU area of North Carolina, along with their 15-year-old son.

You can reach out to Rania at:

Together in serving Him,

Rania Messiah 

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