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"No matter what one's occupation everyone will come in contact with children in crisis. They may be encountered through family, community or church. We all need to know how to respond to these hurting children in order to bring healing and restore hope to their lives so they can reach the potential and purpose for which God created them."

---Dr. Phyllis Kilbourn

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Module 1

Trauma and Crisis Care

This Trauma and Crisis Care core module presents foundational issues and principles that provide an understanding of children’s traumatic experiences and the resulting impact of trauma. Additionally, it addresses planning and implementation of biblical interventions in order to bring healing and hope to hurting children.

Module 2

Street Children

The material in this 18-lesson module is designed to train those working, or desiring to work, with street children. A foundational course, it helps participants understand who street children are and why they are on the streets. It also provides an understanding of the types of intervention commonly applied and gives step-by-step help for establishing a sustainable street children’s project. In addition, “Street Children” highlights the challenges of working with street children and some real solutions to addressing these issues.

Module 3

Care for Orphans and Vulnerable Children

This 14-lesson module provides an overview of the situation for Orphans and Vulnerable Children worldwide and an understanding of their lives and needs. It explores the impact on children losing their families and homes, and discusses models of alternative placement programs for children requiring out of home care. Some basic intervention strategies are considered and information on how to best care for those involved in care for orphans and vulnerable children is also provided.

Module 4

Children and Soldiers: Working with Children in Situations of Armed Conflict

This 14-lesson module is intended for people already working with child soldiers or people preparing to work with child soldiers and/or children in contexts of armed conflict. This module will prepare workers mentally and emotionally for the challenges of working with child soldiers. The module also provides a broad foundation for understanding the contexts and complex dynamics of children in armed conflict. For those not involved directly with child soldiers, this module can help to significantly raise awareness of the issues faced by children in situations of armed conflict.

Module 5

Train the Trainer

Module 5: Train the Trainer has been developed in response to the continued growing need for assistance to caregivers of children in trauma. It is designed as a help to train caregivers using any of the other CCTI modules. Specific lessons include both theory and practice pertaining to the role of the teacher/trainer, the spiritual and psychological development of children, the education of adults, and the organization and planning of a training seminar.

Module 7

Restoring Hope to Children with Disabilities

“The Module will be available by January. You may pre-purchase or purchase at that time. If you pre-purchase, we will send you the module as soon as it is available.”
Restoring Hope to Children with Disabilities will provide caregivers with tools to more fully meet the needs of children with disabilities who often cannot communicate their true needs to others. This module provides practical ideas along with specific interventions that can help transform a child’s life. With the right intervention and care from compassionate caregivers, this 15-lesson module will equip caregivers to help children with disabilities find strength and inclusion in their communities.