BOOK REVIEW: Ministering to Children with Disabilities

By: Tami Snowden.

Let All the Children Come: A Handbook for Holistic Ministry to Children with Disabilities, edited by Phyllis Kilbourn with 15 additional contributors.

Let All the Children Come is a must-read for teachers, church leaders, friends, or parents of children with disabilities. Having worked in a developing country with children with disabilities, adopting my own child with disabilities, and having many friends with children with disabilities, I know how these children are hidden away. Jesus says, “Let the children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Children with disabilities are hindered, and God intends for them to live to their fullest potential. I was overjoyed to learn of this much-needed book.

Let All the Children Come

Dr. Kilbourn explores the definition of disability, how it is perceived, and the consequences of living with disability. “We must eliminate barriers that exclude children with disabilities,” she says, “and eliminate the exploitation and various violations of a child’s rights that often force children with disabilities to the margins of society. Because such barriers can hinder children from developing their God-given gifts and potential, the church must join in advocacy and action for the elimination of these barriers, empowering children with disabilities to participate in all aspects of family, church, and community life.”

The book includes material addressing developmental needs of children with disabilities, intervention strategies, ideas for project development and advocacy, and caregiver issues.

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