There is Hope for Me

This FREE Facilitator’s Guide and Children’s Workbook: 

  • Is an effective tool to help children work through the feelings and hurts stemming from traumatic experiences.
  • Is relevant for all situations of trauma.
  • Can be used one-on-one or in groups.
  • Can be duplicated as needed.
  • Includes the children’s booklet and is accompanied by a Facilitator’s Guide with step-by-step instructions for each of the child-focused pages (To be effective, the child workbook must be used in combination with the Facilitator’s Guide).
  • Available in multiple languages (click the book image to see what languages are available)

CCTI Prayer Initiative for Children in Crisis

Of the 2.2 billion children in the world, clearly 2/3, 1.5 billion, are hurting. They are children at risk and children in crisis. Prayer is one of the most powerful tools that can help these hurting children. Click each one of the prayer cards below to learn about the challenges these children face and how to pray for them.

Children in Crisis

Street Children
Children of War
Children in Labor

Girl Child
Children with Disabilities
Children Afflicted with HIV/AIDS

Barnabas Letters Archive

The Barnabas Newsletter is a publication to “encourage, enrich and equip” those caring for children in crisis. Each issue

  • addresses a specific area of need
  • contains news items
  • lists new resources and training opportunities
  • gives a word of encouragement for caregivers.


Volume 11.4 Reconciliation


Volume 20.4 The Call to Us All

Volume 20.3 Trauma and Its Effects on the Brain

Volume 20.2 Social Media and Mental Health

Volume 20.1 There is Hope For Me


Volume 19.6 Identity

Volume 19.5 Play Therapy

Volume 19.4 Orphans

Volume 19.3 Foster Care Awareness Month

Volume 19.2 Sex Trafficking

Volume 19.1 Refugees


Volume 18.6 Domestic Violence Pt. 3

Volume 18.5 Domestic Violence Pt. 2

Volume 18.4 Domestic Violence

Volume 18.3 Foster Care

Volume 18.2 Caregivers

Volume 18.1 Refugees


Volume 17.6 Special Edition: Reflection on Celebration

Volume 17.5 Internet Safety

Volume 17.4 COVID’s Affects on Those with Disabilities

Volume 17.3 Challenges to Blessings

Volume 17.2 Special Edition: COVID 19 Response

Volume 17.1 Update On Kids Around The World


Volume 16.2  Foster Care

Volume 16.1 Human Trafficking


Volume 15.4 Compassionate Response to the Transgender Movement

Volume 15.3 The Beautiful Face of Trauma

Volume 15.2 Cycle of Violence

Volume 15.1 Disabilities


Volume 14.4 Children’s Prayers

Volume 14.3 Refugees

Volume 14.2 Children of Divorce

Volume 14.1 Foster Children


Volume 13.4 Trauma’s Impact on A Child’s Spirituality

Volume 13.3 Focusing on Children with Disabilities

Volume 13.2 The Unwanted Child

Volume 13.1 Refugee Crisis and the Children


Volume 12.4 P= Parental Support

Volume 12.3 Organized Play: A Trauma Intervention

Volume 12.2 Talking and Time

Volume 12.1 Structure for Children


Volume 11.4 Reconciliation

Volume 11.3 Church Planting and Children in Crisis

Volume 11.2 Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking

Volume 11.1 Creating Health Family Life: A God Story


Volume 10.3 Children in Crisis and Church Planting

Volume 10.2 Child Protection Policies and Resources


Volume 9.3 Effects of Trauma on Children and Caregivers

Volume 9.2 Disabilities: An Introduction

Volume 9.1 Adoption


Volume 8.2&3 Children and Addiction

Volume 8.1 Children and Poverty


Volume 7.4 Forgiveness and Children in Crisis

Volume 7.3 Holistic Child Development

Volume 7.1 Barnabas – Grief and Loss


Volume 6.4 Child Participation

Volume 6.3 Issue 6-3 Orphan Care

Volume 6.2 Project development

Volume 6.1 Street Children


Volume 5.4 Child Soldiers

Volume 5.3 Children in Prison

Volume 5.2 Girl Child

Volume 5.1 Biblical Justice


Volume 4.4 Children with Disabilities

Volume 4.3 Spiritual Nurture

Volume 4.2 Poverty

Volume 4.1 Refugees


Volume 3.4 Immigrant Children

Volume 3.3 Imaginative Play

Volume 3.2 Fostering/Adoption

Volume 3.1 Spiritual Healing


Volume 2.4 Attachment & Bonding

Volume 2.3 CCTI News

Volume 2.2 Suffering Children

Volume 2.1 Project Development


Volume 1.4 HIV/AIDS

Volume 1.3 Candidate Training

Volume 1.2 Counseling Children

Volume 1.1 Nurturing/Family


May/June ’99 Peace

Dec ’98 Jan/Feb ’99 Training News and Updates Summer Team

Aug/Sept ’98 Street Children

June/July ’98 Disabled Children

April/May ’98 Disabilities

Jan/Feb ’98 Reconciliation

Nov/Dec ’97 Spiritual Nurture

Sept/Oct ’97 Counseling Children

May/June ’97 Urban Ministry

March/April ’97 Christian Fatherhood & Family

Jan/Feb ’97 Community Involvement