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Of the 2.2 billion children in the world, nearly two-thirds of them are at risk or in crisis because of abandonment, neglect, abuse, and exploitation. Those who work with and among children in crisis most often feel ill-equipped to help children with their traumatic experiences. Caregivers, missionaries and national pastors express their heartbreak over the many children who are not in a place to receive the hope of God offered to them because they have no concept of a loving heavenly Father. It is common for children in crisis to have a skewed view of God because of the abuse, abandonment, and exploitation they have faced at the hands of their earthy fathers.

CCTI was birthed by Dr. Phyllis Kilbourn out of the desperate cry for help and the need to be equipped from children-in-crisis caregivers and pastors of indigenous churches. It is imperative that the church understand children in crisis's traumatic experiences and the resulting impact of trauma in order to reach them with the hope of Christ.

Dr. Kilbourn is an icon and leader in ministry among children in crisis. She has written many books and curriculum to equip caregivers of children in crisis. Her curriculum includes: Trauma and Crisis Care, Street Children, Children of War, Orphans, Train the Trainer, and more.

Those who work for CCTI bring many years of experience working with children in crisis throughout the world. They have lived and worked with children in crisis in Africa, Central Asia, China, India, Mexico, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and Nicaragua.

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“The trainer (for my on-line course) did an amazing job and I felt extremely supported whilst finding the course really interesting and beneficial.”


Middle East missionary

“From my completion of the on-line training course of Module 1, I gained a lot of insight about trauma and its effects on children (behavior, emotions, the grief process, etc.) as well as ways to actively listen to and ways to create a safe space for children”


Social Worker, USA

“When teaching Module 1, there is usually resounding agreement between all the participants on how much it has helped them personally. There have been several times when participants said that during the intercessory prayer time at the end of the conference they were able to forgive and receive forgiveness for things that have been bondages in their lives. In one instance, a woman said “I feel free for the first time in years.” Another time a person expressed that they felt they could finally turn the page and go on with their life in a new way because Jesus had met them in the prayer time.”


Missionary and CCTI Trainer

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There is Hope for me

This interactive trauma recovery workbook for children includes a Facilitator's Guide. It is currently used to bring healing and hope globally to children in crisis, and especially to those in refugee situations.

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