Out of the Mouth of Babes: Kids Alive
By: Lucy Morykon (In her own words) —

Last summer I went to a kids conference at church and that’s where God gave me my special prayer language – I felt so happy that I had a special way of talking with God.  During the conference God gave me an idea to have a special conference at home for my friends; like a VBS. I called it Kids Alive.  I was having trouble to stop sucking my thumb and my Mom said Jesus came alive and with Him in my heart He could help me and I stopped sucking my thumb so I said, “I know, I’ll call it Kids Alive!”

I talked with my Mom and she said I should pray, plan and pin-down what to do. So then I had an idea to make a journal called Kids Alive for them to write in and draw whatever God shows them and also color the Bible story picture. All my friends came and we had singing and worship and I told the story of Jesus getting baptized by John the Baptist-I love that story.  God said “this is my only Son and I am proud of Him.” Then we had a time of quiet prayer.  One girl sang a song her and her father wrote and another girl sang a song to God that she made up. It was really great because the kids were inviting Jesus into their hearts!

I think God wanted this VBS so kids could see what Jesus is like and who He is and ask Him into their hearts!

About the Author

Lucy Morykon is eight years old and she resides in Fort Mill, South Carolina with her parents Bryan and Joy Morykon, her sister Raymey (6) and her brother Liam (2).  She loves to draw, paint pictures and do crafts as God speaks to her!

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