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Many of our children are socially isolated these days as they await school to fully open up again. They are desperate to communicate and if we are not making ourselves available for our children, then they may find negative outlets for communication. As we have seen, there is a rise in depression, mental health issues, domestic violence, online predators, and unfortunately, the list goes on. We need to check in with our children and how they are doing now more than ever! We hope the below article from our archives reminds you of the importance of talking and time and how vitally our young ones need it.

“I don’t have time.” If it is not love and compassion that motivates me to minister to children, I will never have time. Jesus never sent anybody away who came to Him. Jesus had time, because it was His purpose to minister to hurting people. 

Spending time together is part of the healing process. You might be the only one giving that child in your children’s club an ear. To know if we really have a heart for the brokenhearted children, check on how much time you spend with them.

Children are starving for attention. How much time do you spend with the children? It is our responsibility to create a safe platform where they feel invited to talk to us. Children can sense if you are in a hurry and have another appointment. But if you make yourself available, you will win their hearts and build trust. Some children trust faster; others take a long time to “germinate.” Each child has his own timetable. Sometimes we are tempted to talk too early when they are not ready to talk about their pain. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you. 

Boy with Arm brace

There was a sexually abused girl in our camp. It took more than a year till she was ready to see me for counseling. She finally came, opened up and got healed! Praise God. 

We have to understand that inner healing is also a spiritual battle. The devil hates it and will put any stumbling block in the way so that the child or you will not make time. Don’t give up, and pray for all your appointments.

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Another boy opened up very quickly in a camp. I love camps. I think that’s the right atmosphere to spend fruitful time together. There you can sense much better what the children go through. But it is also heartbreaking to listen to what they carry around in their young age. The hurts over years build up a huge wall of lies. A small matter that is not attended to can lead a child to think of suicide.

One of the boys came to see me after teaching that they are fearfully and wonderfully made. Sadly, children get bullied, humiliated and teased. That boy told me about his “small head.” Soon he realized that his brain is great because it is made in the image of God. He discovered his creativity, knowledge and skills. After realizing the lies he believed, he tore those lies, written on paper, into pieces and threw them away, telling the devil, “I am done with your lies! I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” It’s so beautiful to see when someone tortured with lies can embrace the truth and enjoy freedom in Christ.

So little time can change someone’s life for eternity. Today he has finished school, is a volunteer in our ministry and helps children after school with homework.

Be encouraged; you can be a life changer, a destiny changer, to the glory of God. Just spend time.

Author Bio

About the Author: Esther Buff, originally from Switzerland, is a missionary with WEC International. She is also the co-director of Lighthouse Children’s Ministry, South Africa, where she has served for almost 30 years, mainly among the Setswana-speaking children. Her focus has been on bringing healing and restoration to the hurting hearts of traumatized children. Today, she has the joy of seeing many of the children she has ministered to, now as adults, reaching out to children suffering because of traumatic experiences

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