Call to Prayer; The First Week of Every Month

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” (Matthew 19:14)

Imagine the response of the disciples when they heard Jesus say these words.  Jesus was an important man, and He didn’t have time to pray or talk with children! Or did He?  Wasn’t that the very reason He came, to spend time with those who needed Him most?

Children.  They are often the unseen silent majority.  Though they make up nearly half of the worldwide family, they often bear far more than their share of the world’s miseries.

Children are precious to God.  Yet despite their value to Him, millions of children are orphaned, live on the streets, are refugees of war or are forced into prostitution or child labor.

Our heavenly Father fully understands the pain and fear of the world’s suffering children, whatever difficult circumstances they are in.  His deepest desire is to stir us, His people, to reach out with God-given compassion toward them, the youngest members of our worldwide family, and bring the message of God’s redeeming love, healing and hope to them.

In Isaiah 61:1-4 the prophet foretells Jesus’ healing ministry of restoring lives and bringing renewal.  Isaiah’s description of Jesus’ ministry beautifully portrays God’s desire to have the childhood of countless children in the world restored to its original design.

CCTI would like to invite you to participate in bringing healing and hope into the lives of these children by praying.  The first week of every month during this year, CCTI will hightlight the call to prayer by posting a blog focused on children in crisis. The purpose of this initiative is to pray and to raise awareness of the situation of children in crisis.

Thank you for playing your part to bring transformation into the lives of these children!