ENI Newsletter: Founder’s Message



Rewind: April 1, 1995: I first get the message from the Holy Spirit.  Loud and Clear.

Fast forward: July 26, 2016:  Mary texts this to me:  “E, while rifling through the file cabinet I came across your notes re your “CODE BLUE!” June 1995 article in Charisma Magazine’s column, “What Is The Spirit Saying?”  Also, Dr. Richard Halverson, then U.S. Senate Chaplain, responded to your article.   I believe your word and his requests are FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS!  Read on ….you’ll fully agree….            

Rewind: My 1995 Encounter with God

“The vision God has just given me is so vivid, so overwhelming that it is taking me a few minutes to regain my composure to put it in words. It was like a hospital’s “CODE BLUE!” alert.  Over the intercom came the message…very commanding…urgent!  I saw uniformed personnel scurrying about – dropping everything – rushing to their stations of emergency duty. They immediately began the procedure of activating life support systems…OXYGEN, CPR, BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS, ETC.  – VERY INTENSE, VERY FAST – working against time!  Esther, I’m announcing a ‘CODE BLUE!’STATE OF EMERGENCY. Drop everything – get your intercessors together STAT!  INTERCEDE for the entire human race – IT IS FAST BECOMING TERMINAL. Your intercessors will do two things:

1, Administer eternal life to (thousands upon thousands of (lost) souls, JUS T IN TIME FOR MY COMING!  2. RESUSCITATE THE CHURCH!  It must reconnect to its only life-support system – THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT – TO CARRY OUT ITS LAST DAYS MANDATE ON THE EARTH.  Esther,THIS IS A LIFE AND DEATH RACE AGAINST TIME!”

And this plea from Dr. Halverson — twenty-one years ago — nails the reality for me.  “Esther, God used you to speak to me through your “CODE BLUE” Intercessory Prayer Alert. It is most timely.  Please tell Christians that, SPIRITUALLY, OUR COUNTRY IS IN IMMINENT DANGER!  I’m not as concerned about the economic and political indicators as I am about the spiritual and moral indicators. PRAY that our country will see herself as God sees her. PRAY that Americans understand the gravity of our nation’s need of Godliness. PRAY for all our country’s leaders.  Much pressure, many unsurmountable situations. PRAY Romans 8: 1-23 over me and other Christians in positions of national leadership. Esther, tell all Christians everywhere that increased prayer is direly needed for our nation.”

Fast forward:  July 26, 2016:  Here we are – again. Mary Johnson-Gordon, one of our Prayer Leaders, appropriately refers to my message and Dr.Halverson’s  requests as a ”CLARION RE-CALL”  for the Church in America.  Also, the Holy Spirit alerts us again that our nation is in need of a SPIRITUAL DEFIBRILLATOR TO RESTART HER HEART FOR GOD AND GODLINESS.