Module 6: Healing Hurting Hearts: Counseling Children and Youth in Crisis Digital Download


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This 12-lesson training module was developed to provide individuals working to help children and youth recover from the emotional damage of trauma with both theoretical and practical information. Those who have some background and experience in counseling will find additional information and tools to enhance their effectiveness in working with this specific population.

Those who do not have background or experience in counseling are cautioned that that this module does not by itself contain enough information and practice to qualify one for professional licensure or clinical expertise. However, it does introduce a variety of topics pertaining directly to counseling children and youth and provides a format for practicing some specific skills. Topics about grief, forgiveness, reconciliation, the spiritual impact of trauma, and healing prayer are included.

Ideally those taking this module would already have completed CCTI’s core module “Trauma and Crisis Care” which provides the framework for understanding the effects of trauma on children and basic considerations for any intervention.

The required textbook is Healing for Hurting Hearts: A Handbook for Counseling Children and Youth in Crisis, by Dr. Phyllis Kilbourn, editor.

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