New Film Addressing the Root of Sex Trafficking

Exodus Cry is excited to announce the release of their new film, Liberated: Hookup Culture and the New Sexual Revolution, in 2017!

Benjamin Nolot, Exodus Cry CEO and Founder, says this about the project:

“After completing our first documentary, Nefarious: Merchant of Souls, we felt compelled to tell the next chapter of this story. Sex trafficking does not occur in a vacuum and we felt it was important to expose the cultural underpinnings that fuel this global injustice.

So we began asking questions.

Our central question was “What kind of society is producing so many men willing to buy a woman or child for sex?”

Through the creation of our latest film, we’ve discovered that our society has become a pornographic culture—a culture that desacralizes sex, casts men as sexual predators, and casts women as sexual objects.

Addressing this cultural root system is a critical part of winning the battle against sexual exploitation, because if we want to end sex trafficking we must reverse the culture that fuels it.

For this reason, our new film, Liberated: Hookup Culture and the New Sexual Revolution, was designed to offer an important exposé on today’s culture.

It explores undiscovered fronts in the war against sexual exploitation and offers unexpected hope for personal freedom and cultural transformation.

We can’t wait to launch this film and begin the next critical phase of our mission.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support toward the creation of this documentary—without you, this project literally would not have been possible!

As we are putting the final touches on Liberated and preparing for a successful launch, your generosity is still needed.

Your giving will help to get this film before the masses where it can help inspire hope and catalyze change in our hyper-sexualized society.”

Watch this video to learn about the film and how you can help.