CCTI is always looking for volunteers to help. Below are some of the ways that you can use your gifts to help. Please fill out the interest form at the bottom of the page if interested in any of these opportunities or wish to help in another way.

Opportunities to Participate

As part of a faith mission, CCTI does not offer paid positions. All work is done as a gift to children and families in crisis situations. Those desiring to participate in the activities of CCTI will either donate their time, be supported by their present mission board or seek funding from their local churches or personal contacts.

If you would like to participate in the CCTI volunteer program, you can:

  • Join the CCTI volunteer trainer network
    • CCTI has a training program which teaches qualified candidates to use the CCTI curriculum and materials. Volunteer trainers will train caregivers and church communities on how to bring healing and hope to children in crisis.
  • Assist with curriculum development
    • CCTI has a 12 module curriculum used to train caregivers and the church on ministry to children in crisis.
    • Modules still in need of authors are:
      • Project Development
      • Sexually Exploited Children
      • Ministry to Refugees
  • Raising awareness globally
    • CCTI provides the materials necessary to motivate the church and respond to children in crisis
  • Pray for:
  • Contribute articles for The Barnabas Letter- a publication of CCTI meant to encourage, enrich, and equip those working with children globally
  • Donate to projects designed to help caregivers and church communities in areas where children are affected by trauma

Interest Form

To indicate your interest and to receive follow-up information, please complete the following form.

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