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Hands that Heal:

International Curriculum to Train Caregivers of Trafficking Survivors

Curriculum Developer: Faith AllianceAgainst Slavery and Trafficking (FAAST)

Hands that Heal is a comprehensive, Christian curriculum designed to train current and future caregivers of trafficking survivors. There is an Academic Edition and Community-Based Edition (CB) I & II, along with a Resource CD containing both editions. Topics for both editions include:

  • Defining Trafficking in Persons
  • Emotional Responses/Addressing Grief Introduction to Biblical Themes
  • Spiritual Needs
  • Understanding Community Mobilization (CB only)
  • Family Issues and Reunification
  • Examples of Care/Community Response
  • Recognizing Cost as Caregivers
  • Culture and Human Trafficking
  • Challenges to Transformation
  • Common Health Problems

Contact FAAST to purchase a copy of the Hands That Heal Curriculum


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Red Card:

Standing Against Oppression, Providing Hope is a dynamic, 8-week family curriculum on children at risk.

Lessons raise awareness of six different types of children at risk:

  • Children in Poverty
  • Orphans in Institutions
  • Street Kids
  • Child Laborers
  • Children of War
  • Children Affected by HIV/AIDS

Lessons include videos, simulations, family processing time, prayer, at-home activities, and practical steps for involvement. Scripture woven through each lesson helps participants gain a biblical perspective on God’s heart for the least of these, and our mandate to respond. Hands-on learning allows participants to step into the daily lives of children at risk, which motivates them to make a difference.

Designed as a cross-generational church class, Red Card may also be used in home groups and to train short-term family teams going to minister to children at risk.The Red Card Curriculum Set includes:

  • DVD with seven video segments and promotional video
  • CD-ROM with eight printable lessons, teacher background notes, and weekly class posters
  • Customizable files of promotional materials (posters, letters, flyers, web text, promotional clip, and more)
  • 30 Pathfinder journals and 30 sets of eight prayer cards

Content is age-appropriate for children in grade 4 and up.

For more information about Red Card, click here.

“This family-oriented curriculum is cutting edge, and is an incredible opportunity for families to serve, worship, and learn together.” F.Knoll, Pastor, White River Community Church

“This information is absolutely needed by the church to call us to action in an arena we have ignored for too long. Having the whole family in the class was excellent!” K. Allred, class participant.

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Websites of organizations working for the welfare of children at risk.

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Oasis –

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Pioneers –

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