Children’s Exposure to Violence

“Office for Victims of Crime” has released “Through Our Eyes: Children, Violence and Trauma” an online video series to address the needs of children exposed to violence and victimization. The series includes a public awareness video in which victims discuss the effects of the violence and trauma they experienced; and three topic-specific videos detailing evidence-based treatment, … Read more

New Website from International Justice Mission Addressing Slavery

There are 27 million slaves in the world today—men, women and children forced to work and living in fear. Your voice can help bring them freedom. The Freedom Commons helps you gather with others and take action to pass anti-slavery legislation in the U.S. and support U.S. leaders in the fight to end slavery. Click … Read more

Vicarious Traumatization: An occupational hazard for caregivers

By Diane Langberg, Ph.D. In interacting with Christians involved in crisis work, I find many are feeling the powerful impact of evil and suffering on their lives. They are hungry to know how to withstand such an impact without being misshapen by it. What happens to us as we sit day after day with sin … Read more

Butuan, Mindanao, Philippines 2012

Pastor Tess Chua organized the training attended by 28 child workers. Many of them had been sponsored by Compassion as children and are now involved in ministry. [AFG_gallery id=’10’]

Crisis Care Training at Columbia International University – 2012

[AFG_gallery id=’2′]

Anastacia at Gentle Hands

She was malnourished, weak, and ever so sick. Her mother was cold, disengaged, and unfeeling. She left her with me with no emotion. We couldn’t track down the father. From the moment of intake, she was in someone’s arms. At first, it was John’s arms. The arms of a father, strong, and sure. Then Phillip … Read more

Consortium for Street Children (CSC)

180 Degrees Alliance is no longer in operation and the network has migrated over to Consortium of Street Children (CSC).  CSC focuses on advocacy, research, shared learning and capacity building.  As a network with over 70 members operating in over 130 countries, CSC works toward the realization of street children’s rights by encouraging all sectors … Read more

Disability and Children at Risk

By Dr. Phyllis Kilbourn:  For a large majority of the world’s children, disabilities not associated with birth are acquired through crisis experiences that not only cause children not to function within the expected norms, but also make them vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. Children of war, street children and child laborers are prime examples of … Read more

Crisis Care Training International Conference in MD 2010

Maryland USA Emmanuel Church Seminar – Training Caregivers from Missionaries to Church Outreach Team [AFG_gallery id=9]

CCTI Goes to Haiti 2010

Haiti 2011 Trauma Recovery Workshop – Healing the Hearts of Adults and Children [AFG_gallery id=’8′]

Philippines 2010 – Kid’s Club

Philippines 2010 – Kid’s Club – Asia Pacific Theological Seminary reaches out to children in Manila. [AFG_gallery id=’7′]

Philippines 2010 – Crisis Care Course

Philippines 2010 – Crisis Care Course PhD Level Crisis Care Course for Asia Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary for their Holistic Child Development Program [AFG_gallery id=’6′]

Mexico 2011 – Children’s Missionary Conference – Chihuahua

We witnessed the power of prayer and praise as children learned of the need for Jesus around the world! [AFG_gallery id=’4′]

Sri Lanka 2010 – Child Soldier Crisis Care Training

CCTI responded to the need for training caregivers of former child soldiers. [AFG_gallery id=’5′]

CCTI goes to Haiti – 2011

Haiti 2011 Trauma Recovery Workshop – Healing the Hearts of Adults and Children [AFG_gallery id=’3′]

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