Project in Progress

By: Naomi Maano. In January of 2002, just four months after 9/11, I was in Phnom Penh, Cambodia entering my second year teaching English as a foreign language.  My 2 year contract would be up in November and as of yet I did not have a sense of what the Lord wanted me to do.  … Read more

That Old Bed

A few weeks ago, my sister-in-law said I was sentimental. I hadn’t thought much about it… until two days ago. I was standing alone, looking at a bed. This bed I bought in 2000 from a missionary who was leaving the country. I was looking for cheap furniture to set up our house when we … Read more

I Think I Learned Why God Put Me on This Earth

By: Caleb Wilson, Age 7. God probably put me on this earth because He needed someone who had a heart to give lots of money to lots of charities and someone who reads the Bible and is eager to learn about God a lot and someone with a mind set on Jesus surely can help … Read more

Signs That Say Beware! – Keeping Children Safe

By: Dr. Kim Hoover. All of us who have a heart for children certainly want children to be safe. Sometimes our love for children makes it difficult to even imagine that there are people who intentionally work their way into positions of trust and responsibility in a community and seek out vulnerable children to sexually … Read more

BOOK REVIEW: Ministering to Children with Disabilities

By: Tami Snowden. Let All the Children Come: A Handbook for Holistic Ministry to Children with Disabilities, edited by Phyllis Kilbourn with 15 additional contributors. Let All the Children Come is a must-read for teachers, church leaders, friends, or parents of children with disabilities. Having worked in a developing country with children with disabilities, adopting my … Read more


By, Divine A counselor from our DI Australia team was able to interview a few girls in Southeast Asia that had escaped from the army.  Here is one of the stories she recorded: “Please excuse my tears…they must fall because there are many things I cannot say.  My tears must speak for me.” My parents … Read more

Counseling Children Who Have Experienced Loss

By Mary Beth Young, MSW LCSW. Most children have experienced some type of loss in their lives. There are many types of loss; some are more devastating than others. Children in crisis have experienced multiple losses, yet they may not have gone through the grieving process. Young people need a good trusted adult who can … Read more

Creating Culture

By Heidi Fabian. The teenage boys gathered around their teacher, Sarita Ma’am. Their faces were serious, some were angry. They had called for this meeting. A few shared that they no longer wanted to come to the school. “You are too strict, you do not love us.” They said. “If you did, you would not … Read more

Children’s Exposure to Violence

“Office for Victims of Crime” has released “Through Our Eyes: Children, Violence and Trauma” an online video series to address the needs of children exposed to violence and victimization. The series includes a public awareness video in which victims discuss the effects of the violence and trauma they experienced; and three topic-specific videos detailing evidence-based treatment, … Read more

New Website from International Justice Mission Addressing Slavery

There are 27 million slaves in the world today—men, women and children forced to work and living in fear. Your voice can help bring them freedom. The Freedom Commons helps you gather with others and take action to pass anti-slavery legislation in the U.S. and support U.S. leaders in the fight to end slavery. Click … Read more

Vicarious Traumatization: An occupational hazard for caregivers

By Diane Langberg, Ph.D. In interacting with Christians involved in crisis work, I find many are feeling the powerful impact of evil and suffering on their lives. They are hungry to know how to withstand such an impact without being misshapen by it. What happens to us as we sit day after day with sin … Read more

Butuan, Mindanao, Philippines 2012

Pastor Tess Chua organized the training attended by 28 child workers. Many of them had been sponsored by Compassion as children and are now involved in ministry. [AFG_gallery id=’10’]

Crisis Care Training at Columbia International University – 2012

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Anastacia at Gentle Hands

She was malnourished, weak, and ever so sick. Her mother was cold, disengaged, and unfeeling. She left her with me with no emotion. We couldn’t track down the father. From the moment of intake, she was in someone’s arms. At first, it was John’s arms. The arms of a father, strong, and sure. Then Phillip … Read more

Consortium for Street Children (CSC)

180 Degrees Alliance is no longer in operation and the network has migrated over to Consortium of Street Children (CSC).  CSC focuses on advocacy, research, shared learning and capacity building.  As a network with over 70 members operating in over 130 countries, CSC works toward the realization of street children’s rights by encouraging all sectors … Read more

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