We celebrate the Ministry of our Founder and Curriculum Developer this Christmas season with reflections from Dr. Phyllis Kilbourn on her 50+ years of Service with her retirement letter. Merry Christmas from the CCTI staff! I shall speak of the power of your awesome acts. And I will tell of your great deeds. I will … Read more

Healing from the Inside Out

As we wrap up our series on the importance of STOP (Structure, Talking and Time, Organized Play, and Parental Support) during this season of the pandemic, we see how to incorporate Parental Support into the child’s life. As you will see, using all four of these elements together is vital to the successful healing of … Read more

Why Organized Play Is Vital

As we have looked at the need for Structure and Talking and Time for our children and youth over the last few months, Organized Play is another area of need. Everyone needs an outlet to be able to express their emotions. Our Lord is so creative and He has given us various ways to show … Read more

October 2020 Barnabas Letter

Please CLICK on the image below to read the entire October 2020 Barnabas Newsletter. Thank you for downloading the October 2020 Barnabas! We appreciate your continued support always. *A Ministry of WEC International.

Innocent Posting?

The following is an edited scenario of a real-life trafficking case and how innocently it happened from a Facebook Post. It has been copied and shared with permission. Please read and consider before you Facebook Post anything! A Simple Facebook Post A guy sends you a friend request. He looks nice enough, so you check … Read more

The Rise Online of Child Sexual Exploitation During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Children are isolated as never before with all of the changes COVID 19 has brought to their lives. As reported in, 7/31/20, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that suicide was already the second leading cause of death for youth ages 10-14 in 2019 and the rate has nearly tripled for older teens, … Read more

Time and Talk = Trust

Many of our children are socially isolated these days as they await school to fully open up again. They are desperate to communicate and if we are not making ourselves available for our children, then they may find negative outlets for communication. As we have seen, there is a rise in depression, mental health issues, … Read more

School Focus

As children learn how to navigate new routines and varied environments for this year, having a routine and structure will be more important than ever. Please read below about the importance of Structure in a child’s life. Consider the ones you have established, or need to establish, for your children. If we think of “structure” … Read more

August 2020 Barnabas Letter

Please CLICK on the image below to read the entire August 2020 Barnabas Newsletter. Thank you for downloading the August 2020 Barnabas! We appreciate your continued support always. *A Ministry of WEC International.

What Is CURE?

CCTI has been blessed by our recent partnership with CURE International ( We are looking forward to training more of their staff in our Train the Trainer material in the next year. So that they can spread the seeds and continue the training throughout the organization. CURE is a non-profit organization that operates charitable hospitals … Read more

When a Mask Broke a Camel’s Back: How to Love and Care for Children with Disabilities During Covid-19

CCTI is blessed to have our teammate, Natalie Flicker, share her life with disabilities with us and to keep us grounded on the struggles of many that we may not know about otherwise. We pray you are equally blessed by her reminder to us all and that you can use the information to be on … Read more

From Manhattan Project: Pro-Life to Pro Abundant Life

Dear Friend: One of the lessons we learned from the election of Donald Trump as the next President is that many Americans are fed up with the status quo. In order to survive, political structures and movements will have have to adapt to an American populace that wants to see real change and real progress. … Read more

New Film Addressing the Root of Sex Trafficking

Exodus Cry is excited to announce the release of their new film, Liberated: Hookup Culture and the New Sexual Revolution, in 2017! Benjamin Nolot, Exodus Cry CEO and Founder, says this about the project: “After completing our first documentary, Nefarious: Merchant of Souls, we felt compelled to tell the next chapter of this story. Sex trafficking … Read more

ENI Newsletter: Founder’s Message

“CODE BLUE!”   Rewind: April 1, 1995: I first get the message from the Holy Spirit.  Loud and Clear. Fast forward: July 26, 2016:  Mary texts this to me:  “E, while rifling through the file cabinet I came across your notes re your “CODE BLUE!” June 1995 article in Charisma Magazine’s column, “What Is The … Read more

Orphan Awareness Month

Dear Praying Friends, November is National Orphan Awareness Month. It’s a time when Christians around the world stand in solidarity to observe “Orphan Sunday” and champion the cause of the vulnerable. By definition, an orphan is a child bereft through death or disappearance of, abandonment or desertion by, or separation or loss from both parents … Read more

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