Organized Play

Why Organized Play Is Vital By Charity Graff He was wild. He ran around the room stopping just to touch, throw, drop, or bang the toys set so nicely on the shelves. He could be distracted for a few moments only to tear away from the touch of his assigned caregiver. It was as though … Read more

Head to Toe, Heart and Soul Free Curriculum Download!

“Children five and under love learning about the wonderful world God created!” Click here to receive your free download!

1for50 Training and Networking

What is 1 for 50? 1 for 50 is a collaborative training and networking initiative born at the first Global Children’s Forum in 2008. We are a group of believers who passionately desire to: reach & disciple every child train local people to do it well support each other until the job gets done God … Read more

Talking and Time

Be Quick to Listen By Lindsey Parker “Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry” (James 1:19). A few weeks ago I was telling my three-year-old son, Andrew, the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection. When I explained that Jesus died for the things that we have done wrong, … Read more

Free Resource – There is Hope for Me!

 There is Hope for Me:  An Interactive Trauma Recovery Workbook for Children By: Phyllis Kilbourn, Ph.D. This resource: Is an effective tool to help children work through the feelings and hurts stemming from traumatic experiences. Is relevant for all situations of trauma. Can be used one-on-one or in groups. Can be duplicated as needed. Includes … Read more

Structure for Children

Structure: The Beginning of the Healing Process By: Kay Landis. I found myself with no place to go. My arms could only go in one direction—up. As I tried to keep it out of reach, the little hands just kept reaching. This was my introduction to serving food to street children. It was one crazy … Read more

What Motivates Adults to Visit Orphanages?

National Training Understanding and Responding to Children at Risk – CARDL – Children at Risk Distance Learning Janette Pepall’s current newsletter addresses an issue that often generates vigorous debate; “Orphanage Tourism”. February 2015 Newsletter What motivates adults to visit orphanages? What are the short and long term benefits for them and the children? Are … Read more

New FAAST Curriculum

The Faith Alliance Against Slavery and Trafficking To Release Change Agents: a Human Trafficking Bible Study for Preteens On March 9, 2015 the Faith Alliance Against Slavery and Trafficking (FAAST) will release the Change Agent Curriculum geared towards children ages 8-13. We know that human traffickers target children under the age of 14. Change Agents … Read more


Out of the Mouth of Babes: Kids Alive By: Lucy Morykon (In her own words) — Last summer I went to a kids conference at church and that’s where God gave me my special prayer language – I felt so happy that I had a special way of talking with God.  During the conference God … Read more

Church Planting and Children in Crisis

What has God Been Saying All Along? By Author: Amy Wilson. When I was a missionary in Mexico City in 2009, my husband and I worked with street children. In an attempt to help get the children off the streets, we helped a local church open a community center. This particular church had an average … Read more

Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking

Sexual abuse and exploitation are devastating horrors that affect all areas of a child: body, mind and spirit. We often think of sexual harm occurring to children who have been trafficked into the sex trade. But did you know that all children in crisis—indeed all children—are at risk of sexual harm? What Types of Sexual … Read more

Children in Need – The Texas Border Crisis

The following is a letter from our CCTI team member, Marissa Beltran. She and her family live in Artesia, New Mexico at the Texas/Mexico border. Marissa is fluent in Spanish and of Hispanic descent.  Who says that God is not still in the miracle business?  Please read and pray about your involvement to help!  “Thank you for … Read more

Book Review – Healing for Hurting Hearts

By:  Cheryl Fawcett, Ph. D. This book is laid out in 6 distinct sections. It deals with specific topics like Basic Counseling Skills, Counseling Sexually Exploited Children, Forgiveness and Reconciliation in the Healing Process,and Peace Education and Conflict Resolution in very detailed ways. In similar fashion it deals with more general topics like God’s Pattern … Read more

A Great Resource and a Great Need

“For the past 8 years or so I have been involved in counseling and training run-away child soldiers as well as orphanage staff who work with them. These children have grown up in rebel controlled areas. Next year our family will move to a new area to focus on this very needy situation (with the … Read more

Preparing a Fire Plan

By: Graham Bee. Recently horrendous bushfires ravaged south-eastern Australia, with over 7,000 people left homeless and 200 people killed. One couple was saved because they were able to take refuge in their purpose-built fireproof bunker and then they were able help other people in the fight to save their properties. The husband had only agreed … Read more

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