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Crisis Care Training International is fortunate to have missionaries who train for us worldwide. Below are stories of one of our trainers and how she has benefitted from our There is Hope for Me free trauma recovery booklet. Please help us continue to get this booklet to children in crisis by donating here Thank you! 

Personal application of the use of the There is Hope For Me booklet

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Puerto Rico:

I used it in a group of adults who had gone through a damaging hurricane. Since they were adults, they did not understand why they felt shocked and numb since they could reason through what happened. After going through it, they understood their reactions and, in turn, were able to use the book with children and grandchildren.

I recommend using the Youth journal version of There is Hope for me for adults and adolescents.


Using the booklet individually with those leaving the sex industry. While in Rehabilitation, they work through it to understand themselves, and the years of losses, but the most powerful part for them is realizing that there is hope for a future outside of abuse. For most, that is a vague concept because it has been ongoing for so many since they were children. Working through the booklet helps them see how God is arranging their steps, and they can begin to dream of a different future free of abuse and slavery. The booklet helps free them to think clearly about the future. The darkness in their eyes begins to dissipate as the light of hope takes over.


A girl’s mother died at home after a long illness. In her last moments, the girl laid on top of her mom to keep her from falling off the bed as her body was convulsing. She was deeply traumatized and didn’t talk about it for a year. In working with her, finally, she asked if it was her fault, or if she would see her mom again. We were able to explore what death is together safely.

She began to express little by little her doubts and fears. She started grieving little by little after processing the topics in the booklet. It encouraged her to have someone there to help hold her feelings and gave her a sense of security from the chaotic mess inside her, knowing she would not be swallowed up by them with someone else at her side. She is now making progress and slowly healing, thanks to the booklet. The most helpful for her was having a listening ear, and not being condemned.


After 2 years of home quarantine, children in a poor district were allowed outside and went to the drop-in center where all the staff was trained on how to use There is Hope for Me. Weekly they worked with the kids in groups, made There is Hope for Me T-shirts, and at the end, had a party. Each child received a certificate, and one boy testified that he could be happy again after going through the booklet.


Perhaps the most use I get from using the booklet is with first-time meetings of people where we would not see each other again. So, with the booklet in my mind and heart, I ask how they felt before the incident and how they feel now. Then ask what losses were incurred and help them work through it. It creates an immediate bond. It helps many women, teenagers, and children get unstuck by the questions. On the adult faces, I see relief as they touch the painful topic, seeing that someone cares enough to mention it, and then to know that they will not always feel that way. It gives hope in a little window of time. I do this with strippers and other people I meet who are struggling deeply.

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