More There Is Hope For Me Stories

One of Crisis Care Training International’s students describes how she put her training and use of the There is Hope for Me trauma recovery workbook to help Filipino children. Please read below for ideas you may find helpful to you. If you are ever interested in learning more There is Hope for Me stories, contact us at We are grateful for all donations to help us continue our work!

In the Philippines, many have been on lockdown from COVID-19.  After a year, our government noticed an increase in suicide, abuse, incest, depression, and broken families. Our Justice Secretary, Menardo Guevarra, issued the following statement: “I respectfully request our spiritual leaders to bring this much-needed message of hope to our suffering countrymen in order to stave off more incidents of self-destruction.”  From this call to action, our Hope for Every Youth and Child program was born.

Jezza - More There Is Hope for Me Stories

More There is Hope For Me Stories From the Philippines

We met in person with those who were able, and others online. Also, we use the There is Hope for Me in the context of a relationship. We make it a goal to bring the children and youth into a caring and nurturing community where they can flourish. We use the LIFE OF JOSEPH side by side with each session, to share the Biblical truth.  At the same time, we attain the purpose of each session in the There is Hope for Me.

Testimony 1:

“To the people behind Pag-asa Project, thank you for helping me know that God is always listening to me….”

Testimony 2:

“I am N.., I have ADHD, but I have PAG-ASA (stands for Peace in the Philippine language) with God. I can do great things for Him and for others!

Testimony 3 – From a parent whose children went through the There is Hope for Me 16 sessions journey: 

“I was able to bridge the gap with my kids and became their counselor and friend. Our differences were somehow alleviated as we became more patient with each other. My kids are now livelier and more open to sharing their thoughts, even their “idiotic” ideas which previously they were afraid to share. “

Testimony 4:

“I learned the reasons behind why I am struggling mentally and have become mentally unstable. Was able to open up and write things I did not have the courage to say out loud. Am struggling mentally and spiritually; however, trauma care helped me to develop a positive mindset….. I realized we all make mistakes, we all get disappointed, and we all break down, but God will always be there to help us and guide us.” -CBC Youth-

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